"Ah, I would not ask to be a gull or a dolphin,
I would be happy to be a scorfano,
-the ugliest fish in the sea-
Just to find myself down there, images/bg_bottom.jpg playing in those waters.” Elsa Morante
These words by Elsa Morante are the essence of the isle of Procida.
Suggestive and Genuine, Procida is the smallest of the three islands in the Gulf of Naples, only 4 square kilometers, in size, inclusive of the isle of Vivara, includes a population of merely 11,000 inhabitants.
Vivara, a tiny isle connected to Proocida became a natural preserve of the state in 2002. Terra Murata is situated on the highest peek of the island (91m).
It is a fortified area with medieval origins which has served various functions over the years. One can also find the Church of San Michele, Procida’s Patron Saint of the island.

The island displays its simple beauty at every turn. Its three ports, Marina Grande, Marina Corricella and Marina Chiaiolella all serve the island of Procida in uniquely different ways.
Each quarter of the island is defined and connected by architecturally unique alleyways and cobblestone streets that reflect their historical origins. Due to its historical and natural beauty, it is not a coincidence that the island of was chosen for the setting of many important novels and movies.
The island of Procida was beautifully presented and characterized by classical writers Giovenale, Stazio and Virgilio.
More recently it was the setting for Boccaccio’s sixth novel “Fifth Day of the Decamerone” as well as the romance novel “Grazielle” by Alphonse de Lamartine.

In the 20th century, Procida also became the setting for “The Island of Arturo” (1957) by Elsa Morante.
Procida has become a favorite location for many cinema directors and producers, in which the island has become a “set” for over 30 movies, including the famed Oscar celebrated movie “The Postman”.
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